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WTB: Organic Beeswax In Bulk


I can’t do it right away, but I’m looking for a source of local (Portland area) ORGANIC beeswax.


That’s a VERY hard thing to find – likely impossible to find from anywhere in the US. I’ve never seen organic wax sourced from the United States – only Brazil and Canada if I recall correctly. This is because the bees can forage for miles, possibly onto non-certified organic land. Even if it says it’s “organic,” I’d be skeptical. I’d look for treatment free wax instead.




Thanks for the reply =)

That’s a tough one. It’s important for my product that I have that certification. The primary theme of the products is “earth-friendly” and organic is a huge selling point. I don’t want to have to qualify or disclaim in every ad: “Not certified organic, but close enough!”

That means I have to decide between a certification which may be inaccurate or getting beeswax from a distant land, which means shipping. That’s not very environmentally friendly either.

I guess I’ll look into your suggestion, though. Do you know of a local source in the Portland area? I plan to resell some of the wax as-is, without making anything out of it, so I need to get my costs down a bit. I’m currently buying it from Washington and Nevada… from dealers and not from beekeepers.

I’m also interested in starting a wax bank. The gold market is overly manipulated.

Thanks for the reply =)

The gold market is overly manipulated.

:) ALL the markets are overly manipulated. without a doubt.