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Wool as winter insulation in the Warre quilt box?


Hello Warre beeks,

I’m living on the Front Range of Colorado and I’ve never wrapped my hives or been that concerned that my bees freeze during the winter. I leave plenty of honey for them and let them propolize the boxes together so their homes are tight. And I don’t have my hives out in an especially windy area. They’ve done fine through the winters so far.

But starting tomorrow the temps here are going to get unusually cold - down into the negative digits at night, negative 11 degrees F is expected for Thursday night, yikes!

So I’m considering adding some wool to my Warre quilt boxes which right now just contain wood shavings. Has anyone ever tried this? Did it help keep them warm? Any problems such as increased moisture in the hive?

Any input or suggestions would be welcome.



tending bees Mile High


I put a wool sweater in each of my Warre quilt boxes, above the wood shavings for the duration of our cold snap (about 10 days of below zero F night temps and single digits or teen F temps during the day). Yesterday it was 50 F and sunny so I checked on the hives. Both hives survived and were taking cleansing flights and cleaning out the dead bees. There were quite a few dead bees outside each hive but I take that as a healthy sign that the undertaker bees were strong enough to do their duties. I removed the wool as the weather is no longer extraordinarily cold.


south of Denver, CO