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Wood Preservation/Weatherization


God afternoon,

I received one of your beautiful top-bar hives for Christmas and am wondering about how to keep it in great shape. I like in Albuquerque, NM so rot is not an issue (especially with cedar) but we do have high UV (we’re a mile high), hot summers, and we get cold enough for the ground to harden in winter. So woods can get pretty washed out and loose smooth finishes and chip at edges when the grain becomes more prominent. I’d prefer to go with a natural look rather than paint but what are your recommendations for clear coats finishes, natural oils, and paint? And should the inside be treated as well?



I used cedar oil on mine; I figure since bees will make hives in cedar trees the smell mustn’t bother them. (And I like it too).


Somehow I missed this post! Most of our customers who do paint/seal their top bar hives or Warre hives use pure tung oil. You can get it at most higher-end paint stores – Benjamin Moore, for instance.

More information about pure tung oil here: http://www.realmilkpaint.com/oil.html