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Wood or Copper roof?


I am a newbie…is the copper roof just a matter of looks or does it provide some other additional benefit over the wood roof?



The copper cover on the roof will provide additional protection from the elements for the wood below it, like shingles or a regular tin roof would, thus extending the life of the roof and of the hive itself. We bought the copper and we like it, but we don’t feel we can have the hives where they can be seen by anyone we don’t know as people are quick to steal copper around here. If I make any hives of my own I may try to fashion a tin cover instead.

Hope this helps!



Thank you so much Tango Yankee…all really good points and exactly what I was wanting to know.


As Tom mentioned, the copper is both aesthetically pleasing and offers additional protection from rain/snow. However, you could paint your roof or apply less expensive sheet metal to save money and offer similar functional benefits.