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Winter insulation


Does anyone have thoughts on using straw bales to insulate a Warre hive?
Should I put space between the straw bales and the hive? How much would you say?
Thank you. Any tips/advice is welcome and appreciated.


Ideally you would want your insulation tight against your hive as to remove any draft space, but straw tends to hold moisture and attracts mice. you could purchase a bee cozy winter wrap or use foam board insulation cut to fit your hive tight and tape or bungee cord it to the outside of the hive. Just make sure to leave the entrance open. You can certainly use straw or hay bales to make a wind brake around the hive just make sure you leave enough room to walk around and make inspections or clean up snow if it gets deep. Good luck.


Thank you for the reply and your suggestions. I was concerned about moisture transferring to the hive with the use of straw. I will just use it as a wind block and then get some of the foam board insulation and wrap the sides of the hive. I’ve ordered a mouse guard that should be here today. Thank you again.


Straw is quite breathable. I worry about moisture when using things like paper or plastic backed fiberglass or roofing felt. Mice are my worry with straw, though it’s less of a problem than hay. Mice can live on hay…