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Winter entrance management


I have a first year TBH. Had a great year even though I started late and ending up with 18 bars of comb/brood/honey. Started with the end entrance hole and ended up opening two of the entrances as the follower board passed the second one and it seemed required for the number of bees and because of the intense heat here in Kansas.

In winter considerations do I allow them to propolize one or both holes as they see fit or do I plug one and use the entrance reducer in the other…and at what point (perhaps a certain temperature) do I plug holes if you recommend doing so.

When I first opened the second hole, they propolized it nearly shut and then opened it back up so I am unsure whether to let them take care of this on their own or close or reduce hole(s) for them.


The bees will, indeed, take care of this themselves if you let them. Personally, I close middle entrances entirely on all of my hives, regardless of what the bees do. If they seal it with propolis before you do, you probably don’t need to worry about the bung.