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Winter cluster not moving much?


I’ve been checking on my hive every week or so through the back window and I’m a little worried that the cluster doesn’t seem to have moved down the hive much at all? I have the older style top bar from beethinking with the plexiglass window that doesnt go all the way to the end of the hive and I can just see the a small bunch of bees on the first comb past the glass. Occasionally I’ll see some bees wandering a couple combs down from where I think the cluster. On warmer days like today I do see a couple bees out flying around or wandering around the entrance. Is there anything to be worried about or anything I can do if there is a possible problem? It has been pretty warm this winter so maybe they just don’t need to be shivering all that much?



They are probably fine, especially if you’re seeing a cluster of any sort in there. Is there more honey in the area they aren’t clustered at? If so, this is good! There may just be enough where they are currently clustered that they don’t need to move.




Its hard to say, but I seem to recall the comb where they are now having honey when I last opened the hive. THe cells on the edge of the comb that I can see all appear uncapped. There were quite a few bees out flying since the rain let up so I didn’t stick around to bother them too much. I suppose its warm enough I could open the hive but I’ve been trying not to bother them with it being chilly and windy since its winter and all.