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Why the telescoping roof?


Rec’d my Bee Thinking top bar nuc box kit today. Looks great, same great quality as the TBH I purchased from Bee Thinking. I am wondering about the telescoping roof, what is the thought process behind that? Why does it not fit down onto the box similar to the lid on the TBH? I’m sure there’s a reason, I just don’t know what it is.


I’m not sure I totally understand the question. The telescoping cover fits similar to the roof on the full-size top bar hive, except it doesn’t hinge and it’s not peaked. It looks more like a standard Langstroth telescoping cover. This was for simplicity of use and manufacturing. We make the full-size lids hinge, since they are heavy. This lid is very light, so we didn’t think it necessary to go through the extra steps to make it hinge!




I understand with its light weight the Nuc lid does not need the hinge. And by the way, the design of the roof on the TBH is TOTALLY awesome, LOVE those hinges, clever indeed!!! It just seems to me that the TBH roof fits down over the bars when it closes. The Nuc roof just kind of perches on top of the bars so that there is space between the top of the bars and the roof and it just sorta sits there on top, not anchored in any way such that if you tip the box or bump the lid, it will just slide off. I figured it was designed that way for a reason but I couldn’t figure out why it’s not wide enough to fit down over the bars so that it stays in place.


Maybe a better way to describe it is to say the bars are 17 3/8" wide. The roof is more like 15 1/2" wide so it just sits on top of the bars and the bars stick out almost an inch on each side of the roof. I was wondering why the roof is not greater than 17 3/8" wide so that it fit down over the bars?


Oh duh, I bet I was putting the roof on the wrong direction. Simple to put together but obvious some of us don’t do well with no directions. My apologies for gumming up the board with a non-issue.