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When to inspect after installing package


I installed a package 10 days ago in my new Warre hive. The bees are active and I can see new comb through the window. When should I open the hive to check for cross combs and make sure queen is present?


I’ve heard the less the better and only inspect when you you need too. Well when when do you know. Every time and how through the inspection can set them back, repairing propolis, some combs might be even going down to the second, without viewing Windows I got am inspection scope it’s hard. I’m a first year keeper with Italians. Doing great but I’ve haven’t done basically a thing since just research what I’ve came across is, bees need beekeepers like fish need bicycles, the Queen is the keeper, you’re the space provider. Just what I did was slide bottom board when it’s not too busy and look underneath