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Welcome to our forum! As a service to our customers and to natural beekeepers the world over, we have added this forum to foster communication and collaboration. Please feel free to post questions, comments, requests or concerns that you may have, whether it’s about our products or beekeeping in general!

Best regards,

Matt Reed

Bee Thinking


Hello Matt! I am a new member, joining from Brownsville Oregon. I came across you guys at the Mother Earth News Fair. I have wanted to purchase my own TBH for some time. When I came across you guys this weekend I am convinced, these are the ones I want! Anyway, I would love to attend a seminar here very soon, can you please update me if/when you guys will be hosting any classes or speaking events here in Oregon.

Thanks a ton!



We’ll be sure to post here on the forum when we schedule the next beginning beekeeping classes! We’ve taken a break for the summer.