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Waxing new topbars


I have 25 years with Langstroth hives and bees, but new this spring to Top Bar. Now that I have a top bar hive on order with you, (wife said she wasn’t waiting for me to build it) I have a question. Just like we use a starter strip in frames, I was wondering about your thoughts on dipping the sharp edge of the bars V in molten wax on the edge? I thought this may act as a sort of “Start Here” guide for them to cut down on cross comb. Have you ever tried a groove instead of a V with a starter strip of foundation? Thanks.


Never mind, I found the answer. Michael Bush says the style top bar you make is the one he recommends and he does NOT recommend waxing it because it does not help and the bees attach the wax better than we can by melting and dipping.



Thanks for the post, and your patience. We’ve been madly shipping hives and I’ve been kept away from our forum!

Michael is right. I’ve never seen any difference in straight attachment with wax either.