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Water on bottom boards


Hello folks! I have a new Bee Built top bar hive; it’s beautiful and my new package of bees is very busy building comb. My problem is that I’m getting water accumulating on the bottom boards. I made a quick application of silicon to the seems on the inside of the roof, which should help. I’ll have more time this weekend to really work this problem. Has anybody else experienced this? Where else should I be looking besides the roof?

Thanks in advance.


Update. The silicone bead I put on the seams on the inside of the roof seems to have done the trick. We’ve had lots of rain since, and I’ve only had a little water on the top bars. I need to reapply some silicone to some spots and that should do the trick.

I did wonder if rain was blowing in from the side, since we have had wind, but I’m not seeing any more water on the bottom boards, so no worry from that angle.

This weekend I’ll make sure the roof boards are screwed in tight, apply some more silicone, and should be good to go. If you just built one of these wonderful hives, be sure to check for leaks after it rains!



Thanks for the update, and sorry for the delayed response. I was out of state.

We’ve updated the instructions to include the notes about either using caulk, silicone, or glue on the joints of the shingles and the ridge cap to avoid any leaking. We’ve done this for a long time in our own apiary and it’s worked well. I’m sorry it wasn’t in there originally, and I’m glad you were able to figure it out!