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Warre screen bottom boards


I live in KY. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a screened bottom board in a warre hive?



Sorry for the delayed response! I didn’t see the message.

The advantages of a screened bottom board include the ability to observe the colony from below, add more ventilation (maybe not an advantage), and the supposed benefit of Varroa mites falling through the screen to the board below. Personally I don’t use screened bottom boards on any of my hives (25 or so) and my bees do fine. However, due to the overwhelming number of requests we’ve had for SBB, we’ve begun to offer them.




Does anyone have comments on using solid bottom boards in a Warre hive? I only used solid bottoms on my top bar hives because I have very little intention to ever treat my bees, and the solid bottom is to my understanding the original design. I am interested in starting a few Warre hives, but I am hesitant so do it since Bee Thinking does Not offer a solid bottom option. Why is that? Can they offer one?

Thank you for your thoughts.


So Im confused. Im putting together my Warre hive and the bottom is screened with a cardboard insert. Am I supposed to leave it that way? I took the cardboard out.