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Warre in a 8 fram Langstroth


I am completely new to beekeeping so I apologies if my question is unrealistic.

Hello and thank you for all the information you have shared. Over Christmas I received a gift certificate to Brushy Mountain bee farm. I am new to bee keeping and would like to start out with Warre as it seems to match my line of thinking. My question is can I fallow Warre in an 8 frame Langstroth?

What resources should I look to?

I found your site after listing to you speak on Organically Managed Beekeeping Podcast.




Sorry for the delayed response!

What size boxes do you have on your Langstroth? Deeps or mediums or both? I recommend running 8 frame mediums, as they will be closer to the dimensions of a Warre hive box. You can certainly bottom super (nadir) the Langstroth hive just like you would a Warre. You can also run the Langstroth without foundation in the frames. I do recommend using frames, just remove the foundation and add popsicle sticks into the slots at the top where the foundation would go.

Please let me know if any of this makes sense or if you have any other questions!




I am new to bee keeping. I am trying to decide between a foundation less Langstroth hive and a warre. the Langstroth seems to be cheaperwhat would you recommend


I use Warre hives because I like the size, the fact that they are frameless and foundationless, and I have had good success with them. Langstroth will be cheaper if you’re buying (more expensive if you’re building your own), and they will be interchangeable with others using 8 frame/medium equipment. You can use it foundationlessly in a similar way to a Warre.