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Warre hive stands, securing hive, and comb inspetions


Hello from Idaho–

                         This is a question about Warre hive stands, and securing the hive from being blown over by the wind.  I know Warre recommends 4-6 inches height, and seen other Warre's that work fine at 12 inches or higher.  What is a good design for a Warre hive stand, and ways to secure it from the wind?  One more question, will a mirror placed in the hive entrance let one see the progress of comb building, without having to break away the lower hive body from the floor, and tilt the hive?  Thank you.





Personally I use cinder blocks for stands as they are simple, easy to move and cost-effective. To secure the hives (I only secure them once they are 3+ boxes high) I use straps cinched tight around the hive and through the cinder blocks. Many have argued that using a wooden base is preferable to concrete, as the bees may be more inclined to draw downward without the cold cinder blocks below them. Whether this is true I am not sure!

Here are some other stands that are used:


Some other stands can be seen on this page: http://warre.biobees.com/sumps_floors_stands.htm

In regard to seeing the comb with a mirror, it can work but is sometimes a tricky endeavor. You may need to use a flashlight in addition to the mirror to get a good look.

To make it easier, I actually just drill cork-sized holes in the back of all of my boxes and plug them with corks. When I want to check on comb production I simply pull the cork and look inside. If I see comb I will add a box.