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Warre hive stand


I may be overthinking this but I made my Warre stand from treated lumber. Is this a bad thing?


Howdy! Thanks for your inquiry about your hive stand. This should pose no problem as the bees are not residing in this wood material. Smart move elevating your bees with a hive stand! Let us know if you have any other questions.

Bee Thinking Team


Any photos? Planning to do the same with my Warre Hive.


I have a picture…just not sure how to post one on this forum. Any suggestions?


Choose “Reply”…then click on the icon that looks like an “in box” but with an arrow pointing up. Then select “Choose Files” and pick the image file you want to share. Select “Reply” again and the image should send. Thanks…



Stand with room to expand. Its actually level…I was useing my phone not my real camera. I was at an angle.


Wow, this stand design is absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing! Great job!

-Cameron + Bee Thinking Team


I heard about putting the hive on cinder blocks in a cement mixing bucket filled with water to keep ants out. Does this ring a bell for anyone?