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Warre hive feeders


are there any plans in the future for offering a top hive feeder?



We do not have plans to create a hive top feeder as laid out in Warre’s book. Our preference is jar or bucket feeders - They don’t leak or require such complex construction like the hive top feeders.

Here’s how I do it: I pull off the roof, quilt box and burlap laying over the top bars. Then I either cut a couple slits in that burlap or replace it with a different one with slits/holes. I then place my bucket feeder or jar feeder (such as the double jar feeders we sell http://www.beethinking.com/double-jar-feeder) directly over the hole. This allows the bees to move up and feed, but doesn’t allow them to move past the feeder. Then I place a spare Warre box on top, put the quilt box and roof on and then leave them until they empty the jars/bucket. Once they take all the feed I can easily replace it with minimal bother to the bees.