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Warre Hive Disaster


I have been beekeeping for a few years. This is my first year with a Warre Hive and I just created a huge mess for my colony. During the inspection, I attempted to lift a bar for inspection, only to have it break off, I tried to reattach with a rubber band, but the comb is too soft. It was full of brood and ended up falling to the bottom. I attempted to recover it, only to have another comb break. At this point, I decided to leave the broken comb at the bottom rather than causing further damage. I feel so bad and careless about this. Should I attempt to go back in and try to reattach the broken comb or leave it alone? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!



Ok, so this happened to me as well. I used strips of cloth to tie the comb to the bar. It did smush part of it but it’s still there, so I think it worked.


With Warre hives it’s critical to detach the combs from the sides before lifting out the bar. We use our Ultimate Top Bar Hive tool to do this, however, you can also use a regular hive tool if you cut up from below. If you don’t detach the combs, they will break off as you’ve experienced!