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Warre comb being built from bottom up!



In the early spring we put a swarm in one of your Warre, with two boxes. I had hand laid the top bars, no guide. Today I decided to add a 3rd box underneath, since peeking through the observe windows showed comb filling the bottom (brood) box and about ½ of the top box.

When I removed the top box, however, the girls had apparently built comb from the bottom up to the top, ignoring the bars. Needless to say, the comb broke. It is uncapped honey, pretty runny in new white comb.

I put a new empty box on the bottom, using the bar guide which I ordered from bee thinking, Then the prior bottom brood box, then an empty box with bars covering the broken comb sticking up from below. Finally, the box which had been my top box, from whence the broken comb had come, was put on the top, then quilt, etc.

What do I do with the broken comb, and the box it came from. Clean out completely, discard? Leave them to build it from the bottom again? I will email you two photos from the prior top box.