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Vent Hole Screening Breached


Hi, Matt.

This is my second year with your top bar hive and things are going well. Comb has been produce on all bars and it’s time to harvest some honey and do some internal management before the bees swarms.

The screen on the upper middle vent hole has apparently been damaged as bees have started actively entering/exiting the hive through that hole. Five of the six entry holes along the bottom of the hive are open (the hole farthest back of the hive is corked), but the bees are most active at the center bottom entry and their new vent entry.

I’m concerned because, due to the high activity at that hole, when I open the cover exiting bees flying right up toward me :o as I work the hive (the cover, when opened, hangs down below the vent hole).

My plan is to cork up the hole tonight and then, in a day or two, use some silicone to glue a three-inch square piece of wire screen on the outside of the vent hole. Any thoughts or ideas that you may have would be appreciated.

Thanks very much, David



Sorry for the delay. Your plan will work fine (and you probably already did it). Personally, I’d use staples instead of glue to replace the screen. About a year ago we changed the screen on the ventilation holes to aluminum to avoid the problem you’ve experienced. Many of my hives were made with the same screen yours had, and I do nothing about it. I let them use whichever entrance they prefer.

It’s also a little better to screen it inside, as this way the bees won’t fill the hole with propolis.