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Using the Flow Hive System? Plus and Negatives


Hi! I am new to beekeeping. I would like to start a small hive for my family and friends in my garden. I am able to have a hive in my town. I am looking at what will be the best for a beginner like myself. I like the idea of the Flow Hive system. It sounds to good to be true which is why I would like to more experienced individuals to give me their opinions on the system. I’m looking at starting a hive this spring so the sooner I can figure out what system I should use the better.



Howdy, Rachel! Congratulations on making advancements in getting into the incredibly fun, and noble hobby of beekeeping! Your choosing the right season to do your research, as spring will be upon most of us in a matter of months. Choosing a beehive can come across as daunting these days, as now there are many more models now available than just a few years ago (where there was mostly just one, the Langstroth). What’s great, is that between the resurgence in older designs (Top Bar, Warre), and new inventions (FlowHive), you can pick what’s best for you, your family, and climate. Have you looked at our Choosing a Hive page? If not, here’s a great way to evaluate, side by side, each hive and their benefits. You can then take these, and compare it to the FlowHive that’s soon to be on the market. We also have a great Customer Service staff available at 877-325-2221, extension 0 that can also help detail each of these hives with you, too!

-Cameron at Bee Thinking