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Using a "hive carrier" to transport a Warre?


Does anyone have experience using a “hive carrier” to transport a Warre? The hive carrier I’m thinking about is sold by Brushy Mountain and Dadant for about $65-$70 and you need two people to carry the hive. Do the carriers work with Warres or just Langs? Anyone have experience carrying Warres with them? Thanks for any info you can provide.




I’ve not used one of those carriers. If you stapled your boxes or strapped them together I’m sure it could work. The tabs on the carrier would go under the handles/cleats on your boxes.




I went to a beekeeping store with a Warre box and tried to carry the box with the hive carrier.The hive carrier worked with the Warre box though not I imagine as well/secure as when carrying a Langstroth. I think if I were to use it for real I’d duct tape the side of the Warre hive to the carrier to have extra support/insurance.