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Uneven comb on last 3 bars


New beekeeper here -got my first package the spring from you guys and all is been going very well (about 10 combs 2 weeks ago) until a quick inspection through my window today. My last couple bars of comb have started to get crooked so quickly I tried to go in there and fix it only to have one whole comb partially with brood come apart. Needless to say I have some angry bees I didn’t know exactly what to do so I gave them a little more room -moved the follower board out of couple more bars and just laid the broken come on the bottom of the hive ( it seems that I read somewhere that the bees would maybe reuse the wax? ) -Would like a little advice here- did I do the right thing, should I go back in and do something else? Thanks


Hi Angela!

Depending on the size of the comb you may be able to reattach the majority or at least a chunk of it back onto one or multiple top bars. This is preferably if you can because it won’t disrupt any future comb building (cause other combs to be built askew). If it is a large piece I would recommend getting two zip ties and either piercing the comb about two inches down from the top and attaching it to the top bar or if it is a smaller piece attaching one or two zip ties around the whole piece of wax and the top bar. Any small pieces at the bottom of the hive with be broken down and reused by the hive. If you have some larger chunks of comb that cannot be attached I would recommend removing them because they will disrupt the straight building of comb on the surrounding top bars.

If you have any further questions about how to do this or any top bar beekeeping questions please feel free to reach out to our customer service line at 877-325-2221 or by email at support@beethinking.com. Hope you have continued success with your bees!


Thank you! In my panic I forgot totally about the zip tie solution thank you ! Also I was thinking on Sunday now that I have them zip-tied going back in the hive sunday - when it’s warmer( I live in welches OR) -and putting those partially built zip- tied combs in the middle between some nicely built bars- Would love to know you think about that or is that bothering them too much? Thank you again!


Hi Angela, I have another solution for you. I used zip ties and the comb got so heavy it ripped out and the comb fell to the bottom of the hive and leaned up against other comb and the bees started attaching it to the other combs. What I did was go down to the dollar store and bought some of those hair clips with the teeth in them that girls use. You have to get the ones that have the holes in them at the top of the clip above the clip. I put the zip tie through the hole and on the top bar. Don’t tighter the zip ties all the way up, open the clip up and insert comb then tighten up the zip ties making sure the comb is straight on the bar and put it back in the hive. I use one or two clips depending on the size of the comb. Has worked great for me so far. I would never lay a piece of comb on the bottom of the hive just leads to a future mess. If you have anymore questions please feel free to contact me. Bee Happy, Frank