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Ultimate top bar hive tool in use



I’m in the process of building my first beehives which will be Warres and have bees on order to arrive in April.

I understand conceptually on how the http://www.beethinking.com/ultimate-top-bar-hive-tool would work to inspect individual combs in a Warre hive, but was wondering if there was a video (or pics) of anyone actually using it to inspect combs?

Just to be clear, I’m not saying I’m going to be pulling individual combs, but I’d really like to watch someone else doing it just in case I would need to.




I’ll try and make sure a video this spring once it warms up a bit, as we’ve had a number of similar inquiries. More information about the basic idea (the Bill Wood comb knife end) can be seen here:






I’ve come across video of a similar tool being used, but it’s not available online. I bought a DVD from Back Yard Hive (http://www.backyardhive.com/) called Alternative Beekeeping Using the Top Bar Hive. In it a similar tool is used and the use demonstrated. Since Matt is planning on putting a video of using his online this spring you may not want to buy the DVD just for that, but my wife and I did find the DVD very helpful in showing us how to work with and around a TBH.