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Type of bees


Does anyone know if there are a certain type of bees that do better than others in a Warre hive?


Thanks for your post – it’s a good question that we hear often.

In our experience, feral swarms are more successful than any other bees that we’ve installed into our hives. We determine that they are feral usually when the homeowner whose swarm we’re catching informs us that they came out of a tree or other structure.

You can also try luring bees to your hive using lemongrass oil http://www.beethinking.com/lemongrass-oil/

If you must purchase bees, I highly recommend finding bees that are “treatment free” or “survivor stock.” This can be hard, as there aren’t many commercial apiaries (package suppliers) producing such bees.

We’ve heard good things about Wolf Creek Apiaries in Tennessee, as well as Honeybee Genetics in California.