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Two colonies in one TBH?


Quick question for the experts. I have two bee packages coming soon, and only one TBH available in which to place them. I was going to put one colony in each half of the hive, separated by the divider board. Is this advisable or not?

Another quick question. Can two TBHs be placed within a few yards of each other (let’s say 5-10 feet apart), or does this lead to robbing or other problems?





Sorry for the delayed response.

No problem placing hives right next to each other. I’ve got over 18 hives at one location, with hives spaced around 2-3 feet from each other and while there’s a bit of drifting, there are no major issues.

I don’t recommend placing two colonies in the same top bar hive. They will run out of room soon enough, and while it may work for a short period, you’re just going to have to move them to a new hive. I don’t think it’s worth it.