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Trapping Feral Genes


I recently read or heard something on equipment designed to trap out feral genes while leaving the feral colony intact. Essentially I think they set up a set of frames with brood, connected to the colony, which attracts the feral queen to come and lay in the frames. Once she has done this, you take the frames away, complete with nurse bees and brood, and hope they raise up a queen out of her fresh eggs (notching method would be great here).

Of course, now I can’t remember where I read/saw this!

Can anyone point me to a source of information/instructions on doing this?

I am asking as I recently met a lady who has a survivor/feral colony under her back porch. I am definitely going to encourage her to put up a bait hive or two on her land to catch any swarms the ferals may throw next year, but would like to try to capture the genetics for myself as well.