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Top Bar Storm Damage


Had a high wind from a thunderstorm flip up the lid of my top bar and rip it off. The wood split and the screws pulled out. Thank goodness I had the hive screwed down to a base, the rest of the hive survived intact and the bars are all still in place.

I’m wondering whether my best course of action in dealing with the now separate roof is to remove the wood blocks from the one side which allow the lid to be level when you are using the “hinged” front. That would allow the lid to sit down tight on the top bars. OR shall I add blocks to the other side so that I maintain the same position of the lid, slightly raised off the top bars, even without the “hinge” mechanism.

Seems that the flush fit on the bars would be good but I wondered if perhaps that space is designed to ventilate the attic so to speak and I should maintain the same position it was in by blocking it up?


Small Town Girl,

Somehow I didn’t see this post. You’ve probably made a decision on this by now.

This is the first report of a lid flipping up – it must have been quite a windstorm! It doesn’t matter that much whether it’s level or not – I’ve got some very shoddy/broken/problem roofs on my top bar hives and they work fine. It’s most about aesthetics and ensuring that water doesn’t get in.

The dead space between the roof and the bars does act like the attic of a Warre hive – keeping the sun rays off of the bars themselves. It also creates a place where you could add more insulation if you want to.