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Top bar split (and question about spring honey harvest)


Greetings all! I have a question about the best way to make a split from a top bar hive. I purchased a new Beethinking top bar hive this past fall. My older top bar hive is starting our Texas spring strong, and I would like to take a split from them into my new hive. Any suggestions about how to best go about it? The older hive already takes up about 3/4 of the hive, and so doesn’t have much more space to expand. My thinking is to not expand the older hive, and wait until they begin making queen cells. If so, do I locate and maintain the queen in the old hive, and try to take a comb(s) with queen cells and possibly brood into the new hive?

This reminds me of another question. Now that my bees are starting a good spring nectar flow, would it be a good time to harvest older combs and honey? Should I just take the darkest combs out? I guess this partially depends on whether I want to create space in the hive to busy the bees making new comb, or instead encourage them to swarm.