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Top bar spacing question


Hello all. I am new to bee keeping and am starting to build a Warre hive this winter. I am considering deviating from Warre’s plans a little. I am thinking of building nine 22mm bars with 10mm spacing, instead of his eight 24mm bars with 12mm spacing. This would make the bee space in between the bars closer to the magical 3/8ths of an inch i keep reading about. Do you think this will have any pluses or minuses? Do you think this will add to the “false floor” problem. Also on a different thought I have seen people talking about turning the top bars onto their sides so that it does not create a false floor. Does anyone think Dowels instead of bars evenly spaced would work? Does anyone know if this has been tried. thank you in advance. I recently heard a podcast from Nov 2011 that was an interview with you Matt. It was very informative and kind of sparked my interest greater in the direction or Warre hives. Thank you.


Thanks for the post. The 3/8" spacing is a good rule of thumb, but in my experience, 90% of the time the 24mm bars work just fine to create nice, straight combs in each box. Sometimes they deviate, but most of the time they work great.

I don’t think it will add to the false floor problem. To alleviate that, sometimes I add boxes on top and bottom and let them go whichever direction they prefer! I also sometimes move a comb or two up or down to create a “bridge.”

I know from the yahoo Warre group that those who tried the sideways bars saw no improvement on the false floor effect.

Good luck, and let us know how it goes!