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To start keeping or have removed?


Hi, asking for advice.

I am gardening organic, both raised bed, and some plants in pots, and in the bottom of one of the “self watering” pots, bees are starting to form a hive I think…in and out of the overflow hole all day/night. Issues are…1) my dogs are always “chasing” the bees (this doesn’t seem to be bothering the bees, and I could put the pot into a dog crate to keep the dogs away, 2) I don’t want to remove them from the garden (I also have mason bees and they seem to co-exist without an issue) 3) I have had issues with yellow jackets and don’t want to have a place for them to “re-infest” 4) I do have ants, (both carpenter and thatching) and sprinkling diatamaous earth (sp) seems to keep them under control in the garden area 5) I don’t think the bees will overwinter in this pot so doing nothing will not be beneficial (I really don’t care about the honey…just want them for pollinators)…
Any recommendations? Thanks