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To Smoke or Powder



I just finished reading “The Barefoot Beekeeper” who swears by not smoking but dusting with powdered sugar instead. He rigged up an old smoker with a motor to blow the sugar onto the bees to calm them. Has anyone had any experience with this? If so, what are your comparisons?


Personally I only smoke when needed – that is, when it’s a colony I know is particularly aggressive. I’ve never tried blowing powdered sugar on them – I have poured powdered sugar on bees, though. Smoke has a significant impact on the temperament of the bees, making them far more gentle than simply spraying them with sugar water. In my experience, sugar water just gets them wet. My guess is powdered sugar would have a similar impact. I’m not wholly opposed to smoke, but would just recommend you use it sparingly. It only takes a puff or two.