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I wouldn’t worry too much about it. A honey bee swarm is usually between 5,000 and 30,000 bees. They generally land in a clump on a tree branch while looking for a new home. Sometimes they end up on the ground. Once they find a new home they will fly off.

Swarms are the time when honey bees are most docile (they are docile in general), as they have no hive to protect and they just want to find a new home!

On the next warm day I bet they’ll fly off. If you’re in Portland this will probably be today!




I have a question about swarms. I have no problem catching swarms But they are always leaving. I am putting them in to two boxes of warres and pouring and shaking them into the bottom house and returning the second house on top and the quilt and top piece. thanks mark


With my Warres I always pour the swarm into the top box, leaving the bars in the bottom box, and putting the bars back in the top box after I’ve poured the swarm in. They begin building from the bars of the top box. I’ve only had a couple abscond (I’ve installed at least 40 this way).

How many have absconded? Are there any other factors? Have any ever stayed?