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Starting up the TBH from my Langstroth


Hello all, I am hoping my Langstroth hive gets through the winter…if it does I will use a split off that hive to stock my TBH hive (which thanks to housing some young bees left after a shakout of a laying worker hive will have drawn comb already in place).

Obviously, the frames are not compatible. Suggestions on how best to do this are welcome!





Transferring frames to a frameless hive is not the simplest of tasks. I recommend either catching a swarm from the Langstroth hive, or shaking some or all of the bees from the Langstroth into the top bar hive. If you shake them all I’d find another beekeeper who can use the frames of brood. If some, you’d need to make sure the queen falls into the top bar hive. Then I’d swap the position of the top bar hive with that of the Langstroth so they go back to the right place!

The other option is the “chop and crop” method of cutting the frames to fit into the top bar hive. This can go well or be disastrous: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vb7UlgmWB00