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Spacers in TBH?


I’ve read some articles where beekeepers put 1/4" spacers between the bars containing honey. Is that something the BeeThinking experts have done or recommend?



Howdy, Joyce!

Great question! There are many articles suggesting this, with regards to managing your beehive to ensure that ‘bee space’ (10mm/ 3/8") is not compromised whether the bees are drawing brood comb or expanding the width of their comb to store ripened honey. Most open source designs for TBH’s have starter strips or a simple groove for bee’s to draw their comb. Our unique bars are designed and milled with a wedge comb guide, a triangle for the bees to festoon (chain) off of to draw perfectly straight comb. Best part about our design is that there is 5mm of “shoulders” on both sides of the wedge, so that when racked together in your hive, you’ve already created 10mm bee-space for the bees. No spacers needed. I hope this helps!

Cameron + Bee Thinking Team


Thanks. My honey combs are thicker, and sometimes crossed. Thought the spacer in the honey area might prevent that. I’m not going to try spacers after reading your explanation.

Love my hives! Bees were out today and I watched them awhile.

You all do a wonderful job!!

Appreciate your explanation,


Hello, Joyce!

I should note that there times where some honey comb will exceeding on the width. When you start to see this occur (whether via inspection, or through the window), we have an easy, and effective trick. Space the bars 1/8" from each other. The bees will subsequently run a seal of propolis; this ensures bee space is still honored, and INCREASES the amount of their propolis envelope. We hope this helps!