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Sour smell in one of my hives


[attachment=0]MVC-007L.JPG[/attachment][attachment=1]MVC-006L.JPG[/attachment]Hi, I’m a new bee keeper doing I think a Kenyan style top bar hives. I have one hive that is slotted on the end and one with holes on the end. The one with holes on the end has a sour smell in it almost like sour cut grass. I don’t think this is a good thing is it?


It definitely doesn’t sound good. More information is needed, though.

Are there a lot of empty combs in the hive?

Is there any mold?

Have you noticed anything else that’s different about the smelly hive?

The biggest concern with the smell – especially if it’s very putrid! – is the possibility of foulbrood: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_foulbrood




It definitely does not sound great. More details is needed, though. I would like to know whether there are a lot of empty combs inside the hive???