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Should I wait to add a box?


Being June in Massachusetts, bees are very busy. My 6 week old colony has filled one entire box with comb and has started building comb in the lower box. My question is should I add another box this season or should I just let them fill up the last box and add the new one next spring?


Hey there! I had the same issue and decided to add another box. I was seeing a lot of drones show up in the hive and have read and heard that the presence of a lot of drones can indicate swarming. So I went ahead and added another box. It has been very warm here in Oregon and the nectar flow is strong right now so there is no harm in giving them a little more space to work. As of now they have filled two boxes and are beginning work on the third. Hope that helps!


Interesting! I definitely don’t want to limit their productivity. It’s really neat to see the population explode like that.