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Second Cheesecloth


Hi Guys, I have one of the two cheesecloth/humidity control barriers stapled as instructed but how/where is the second one placed… on top of the mulch??? Thanks


There are two pieces of canvas that are included in the Warre Beehive, one 14 x 14", and one larger piece. The larger piece is stapled around the inner, ‘quilt box’. The smaller piece is known as the
’separator canvas’, and is simply laid down above the upper most box + bars, and below the quilt box. At first, this piece of canvas ‘floats’ on the box until the bees quickly propolize it down. The design of this was so you can remove the roof without the quilt box being glued down to the boxes!

Cameron @ Bee Thinking


the instructions that came with a new Warre Hive I just assembled, it showed to place the small loose canvas on top of the bottom box and bars and then place the top box and bars on top of the canvas?