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My Warre hive is being robbed by some very large dark bees. I caused a war because I stupidly left some comb outside of the hive and came back to a horror scene. Dead bees everywhere. The guilt I have is overwhelming. Most of the dead bees looked like my small yellow fuzzy gals. I reduced the entrance, covered them with a damp sheet overnight and that seemed to help. The next few days everything looked ok until today…I noticed that the bigger dark bees were back in a frenzy going in and out of the hive. Who knows how long they were doing this!? Maybe all morning. Will I ever be able to tell what damage was inflicted since it is do difficult to inspect a warre? How do I know if the queen is dead or if their honey is all gone? My hive is pretty much totally cross combed so Im feeling a little defeated…and heartbroken :(

Thank you for any support you can offer to me,


(first year as a beekeeper)



I’m so sorry for the delayed response!

Do you have any images of these large, dark bees you describe? I’ve note seen such bees near my hives!

I would do a full inspection of the hive if possible, especially as winter is approaching. First I would heft the hive to determine how heavy it is. If it’s still noticeably heavy (hopefully at least 30lbs per honey box) then they probably didn’t get robbed out. If you can get any combs removed to inspect for eggs you can then confirm whether you still have a laying queen. Even looking up from the bottom of boxes you should hopefully be able to stop some brood in various stages of development.

Please feel free to call me today!