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Removing the queen cage - need advice


Newbee here. I installed my package of bees 2 days ago. Queen cage was placed on the top of the bars of the bottom box. The rest were dumped on top (just as Matt recommends)

Everything seems ok so far. They have already consumed a quart of light syrup! Anyway, In a few more days I will be inspecting to make sure the queen has been freed. Since non-interference is extremely important with Warre hives, I was wondering if anyone had any good methods of doing this.

Thank you!


Howdy! Thanks for reaching out to us here at Bee Thinking, and congratulations on your bee package installation, especially in a beautiful Warre beehive. When going into your beehive to relieve the queen of her cage, we’d strongly suggest using an extra set of hands for a quick action. After cracking open the boxes of early propolis, have one beekeeper lift the upper box, as you quickly reach in to inspect the cage. If she has been released, then promptly (and gently) put down the box, if she hasn’t, work out the candy with a nail, and put the cage back into the center of the boxes so she can quickly be integrated with the rest of the workers. I hope this helps, good luck!



So are you saying there is no need to remove the cage if I see she’s been released? I do have windows on all my boxes, so maybe I’ll see that bright white dot they painted on her. If that’s the case, great. The problem is I am a lone beekeeper. I know some other bee keepers, but I would likely hold off on asking them to come over for help :slight_smile:


I left mine in, they’ll build comb around it.