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Re: reducing entrance to discourage yellow-jackets


I have read many posts on several forums about reducing the entrance to discourage robbing and wasps, but nowhere do I see by how much it should be reduced. I have one of your Warre’s.



I think it would be fine to bring it down to a size whereby 2 or three bees could block it. It helps too if the reducer “stick” creates a bit of a long tunnel as that is easier to defend as well…so say a 2" width that forces crawling through a 1 or 2" tunnel?

That should help.



Are you experiencing robbing? Strong colonies generally have no issue with wasps. Weak colonies do get taken advantage of. If you are seeing a lot of wasps going in and stealing larvae, etc., then by all means reduce it down to a 1-2 bee wide entrance.

While not exactly wasps, mice prove to be a bigger problem in the fall/early winter. I do recommend a mouse guard of some sort on all box hives: http://www.beethinking.com/warre-hive-mouse-guard