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Rconditioning the bars in a TBH


I lost my colony over the winter and prepping the hive for the new bee package that will arrive in the spring. I have harvested the remaining honey and removed the comb off of the bars. I have scrapped the majority of the comb off of the “V” shape portion of the bar.

Do I need to do anything else to prep the bar?

  1. Should I clean off more of the remaining comb?
  2. Should I use a heat gun to melt down the remain comb?


Howdy, and thank you for your great questions! We’d suggest cleaning as much of the comb as possible, as wacky shaped comb can be a messy start for bees to festoon and draw new comb from. You can possibly create cross-combing or wavy comb from the start. Leave as much of the propolis as possible as this substance will give your next bees a really good start to the season! We’d avoid using a heat torch to uniformly melt the wax, as there would be a high chance of simply burning the wax, or simply the bars themselves.