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Queen Installation Spacer


I’ve been researching Warre hives and noticed Sweet Valley Hives makes a Queen installation spacer. It’s placed between the first and second hive boxes and has a cut-out to slide the Queen cage into from the outside of the hive. First, is this a worthy inovation or marketing ploy? Second, if you think a spacer with the ability to install a Queen without opening the hive is a good idea…would you make one for purchase?


Hey there,

While I think the installation spacer is a novel ideal, I don’t think it’s completely necessary. I’ve installed dozens of packages into Warre hives and haven’t had much issue grabbing the queen cage a few days later after she’s been released. I usually just lay her across the top bars of the bottom box and dump the package in on top of her. I don’t think we’ll be making one any time soon…as I believe you’re the first person to ask us for this product! If we see more interest we’d obviously consider it.