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Queen Excluders


Does anyone know where I can find them for Beethinking topbar hives? And does anyone else on this forum use them? I’ve had problems with queens laying in honey area which has prevented me from treating for varroa in the fall.


Hello! Thanks for your inquiry about Queen Excluders in managing Top Bar Beehives. Though here at Bee Thinking we do not specifically make a queen-excluder, there are two popular methods;

  1. Naturally, with simple organization. Re-arranging your combs (we like to think of it often like a filing cabinet). By putting brood-centric combs together in an organized section, is an effective method of keeping the queen working on one sector of the beehive. This is what most people do.
  2. You can DIY, craft, a queen excluder for your TBH. By purchasing a plastic queen excluder, you can cut it into a trapazoidal size, and suspend it from a Top Bar, effectively turning it into a Queen-Excluder Divider Board. http://www.beethinking.com/products/queen-excluder

We hope this helps!

Bee Thinking Team