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Product idea - foundationless "frames" for TBH


I have a new TBH and nuc, and although I’ve been on swarm lists in my area, what seems to happen much more frequently are calls from folks who have 1-2 week established hives before they start to take notice of the traffic. As a result, I’ve had a few opportunities for cut-outs of feral hives (either exposed on an eave, or in a water shut-off / sprinkler system box). Although these hives have beautiful new comb, I’ve ended up butchering a lot of it trying to attach it to top bars with string or zip ties; the new comb is just too soft to work with in that way, especially in the late spring / early summer Texas heat.

Next opportunity I get, I’m going to use a combination of cardboard at the bottom of the comb along with string to create a “basket” for the comb. However, this would be much easier if I could use frames and rubber bands in much the same way as you would cut out a feral hive to foundationless frames in a Langstroth.

So, to get to my suggestion - not sure if anyone else would need or like this, but I would love to see foundationless frames for the top bar nuc, similar to the attached photo. This would make it easy (or at least MUCH easier) to save that soft comb and fresh brood intact. Any other thoughts or suggestions you guys have would be appreciated.