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Preparation for Winter


I got a package of bees in the Spring. Currently there are 8 top bars on the other side of the follower board and I have about 7 bars with combs that are empty. For winter do I leave everything as it is OR move the bars with empty comb to the other side of the follower board OR remove all the wax from the empty comb and make candles.


Spencart, what is your location and winter weather conditions?

I would be worried about wax moth in the empty combs. The bees are not going to be able to patrol once your cold weather sets in. If the combs are truly empty, I would take them out and either store or process.


I am north of San Franisco with very mild winters.


If you were in a colder location you could possibly leave the combs on the other side of the divider. But, like WesternWilson said, moths may be a problem. I’d take them in and store them, or find a shed or some place that stays cool all winter to store them in. To be safe you can put them in garbage bags and freeze them if you want. This will ensure moths don’t get them.