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Placement of hives



While waiting on our hives my wife and I have been debating on where to locate them on our property. We’re in southern Ohio. Weather-wise we can get very strong winds/violent thunderstorms, and though the last couple of winters have been relatively warm we can get some very cold weather with snow and wind. We did have a very hot summer last year, with temps getting up around and over 90 to 100 quite often. After my reading of books and Matt’s section on hive location we’ve come up with some possibilites.

We have 10 acres in a rectangle with the long edges running north/south. Our first thought was a location that gets morning sun but mid-day and some afternoon shade, under a north/south row of pines. We were looking at putting them on the east side to get the morning sun. These photos were taken about 2:30 PM today, standing at the north end looking south. We’d put the hives to the left of the trees:


We have plenty of area that isn’t field that gets full sun. I imagine we’d need to put up wind breaks of some sort. Here’s a view from the corner of the mowed “lawn” area.


For water there’s a small pond at the north edge of the property, but it’s seasonal, as is the creek from it that runs through our property collecting runoff from the hill behind our property. We are also fairly close to the Scioto River, as in we live across the highway from it.


We also have a lower front field that does, at the north end, offer some wind protection from the north and west. As you can see, it wouldn’t get much afternoon sun between being down below the level of the next field and the trees:


Here’s an aerial view of the property with areas marked:


My wife is concerned about mowing around the hives.

Last question is whether the front of the hives should face south or southeast?

One woman we spoke with at the beekeeper’s association we joined told my wife that her hives (Langstroth) are out in the open, but that she stacks hay bales in a U pattern around them in the winter as a wind break.

So, any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. Anyone?

Many thanks,