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Percent comb in hive


Bees were installed in my TBH in April. The hive is now more than half filled with comb. I will be moving the follower board down two or three bars again. How much of the hive is typically filled.(knowing there is no typical).

At what point in time should I be thinking of adding a hive and splitting the colony or is this even an issue?

Being a newbie all I know is, I don’t know anything.


Hello, Hammish!

That sounds great. Most our beekeepers reach about 50-60% comb development in their first season, in most parts of the domestic United States. Your bees will stop building comb right around when your biggest nectar flow hits (check your local beekeeping association for when this is). When this happens, it’s all about gathering enough nectar for fall and winter, and ripening it. Splitting is unnecessary as the bees are 1) in their first season, and 2) haven’t max’d out their capacity yet.

I hope this helps!