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Newbie HELP..clustering outside


We hived our bees 2 day’s ago, we checked the queen this morning and found that she has been released, so we removed her cage, and added new syrup. At that time, all of the bees were up in the top of the hive hanging from the first 3 or so bars (above the entrance), they had 7 or so frames with a partion then the feeding area, the rest of the hive is partioned off! About an hour ago, I noticed them swarming and they all left the the hive, now have returned and are clustered around the entrance on the outside. What is happening? Is this normal?


ALL of the bees left the hive? That doesn’t sound normal, and sounds like they could be trying to abscond but maybe they left the queen when they did this and had to return. Have they built any comb? I wouldn’t bother them any more – I.E. don’t open the hive. Wait to see if they stay and start building comb.




thanks for the quick response, there is NO comb and they are all outside the hive clustered at the top side of the entrance … when I first noticed that something was wrong, I observed thru the window that they had seperated into the feeder area, and then the empty side of the hive, then they left and have returned and as stated above, are clustered outside the entrance if it’s not all of them, it’s most of them :frowning:


they just flew off … ALL OF THEM :cry:


looks like they didn’t go far, and some are returning … oh gosh, I’m not very good at this am I ? :?


an update … I left to run some errands, leaving my brother to watch the activity at the hive! He reports that just after I left, the colony left the hive and clustered into one of the trees! He took the opportunity to check for the queen, she was not in the hive, nor were any bees! However, he did notice some “bee” activity on the ground not far from the hive … a small cluster of bee’s on a leaf… so he picked up the leaf, and low and behold … there she was :o … she came “clipped and marked” and I have no clue as to how or why she got out of the hive, but my brother placed the leaf … bee’s, queen and all, back inside the hive, and within minutes, the colony returned and all seems well at this time! :) … we’re praying all is well and stay’s well with our girls. Has anyone else ever reported that the queen “fell” out of the hive?


Oh… forgot to mention that while he was looking for the queen in the hive, my brother noticed a small amount of “comb” had been made, prior to today’s events :slight_smile:


all seems well, and the girls worked diligently to remove the “leaf” that was left in the hive, after everything that happened yesterday … they got it to the entrance, any my brother reached in and pulled it through. They seem very happy and activity seems normal. So I’m thinking it’s a MIRACLE that I even have a colony inside that hive … 8-) and … I DO believe in Miracles :D

Will keep ya posted :wink:


Glad to hear all appears to be working out!


I had a similar situation last year. I found a tiny clump of bees on the ground near the hive surrounding a queen. I consulted with a beekeeper friend and we decided that there must have been two queens in the hive and one left or was kicked out. The bees in the hive seemed calm and organized. I am a newbie too! My friend took the clump home to start a new colony and that colony never took off! I think I actually gave away the queen :-(. So I’m glad to hear your queen is restored to her rightful queendom!



I’m sorry your colony didn’t work out honeybee … I wanted to drop bye today to give everyone an update … I’ve been having some remodeling done in our home, and haven’t had computer access until today … our hive is coming along very well! I’m gonna get a picture tomorrow, so I’ll post it! :smiley:


This is the view of our hive, making comb #7 :D We are so excited :!: