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New Top Bar Hive and Warre Hive Products



As the spring rush begins to slow down we are re-focusing our attention upon new products for horizontal top bar and Warre hive beekeeping. What products would you love to see us produce? Some of the most frequent requests have been screened bottoms and windows for Warre hives. A lot of HTBH beekeepers want more options when it comes to entrance hole placement. We’ve almost got all the kinks ironed out with our Warre hives with windows, and screened bottoms will be next. We plan to offer end/side entrance options on future HTBHs.

What do you want? Your help is appreciated!




My one and only purchase reservation is the lack of availability of screened bottom boards - a must if you plan on over wintering in a severe cold climate (Alaska).

observation windows would also be nice.


I e-mailed you on this, but I figured I’d let the rest of the forum-goes know: We’ll be offering screened bottom boards and observation windows very soon!




Hi Matt,

I’m planning on building a small HTBH with the same cross section dimensions as your HTBH hives that will hold 6-8 top bars and be made out of thinner wood (3/4 inch?). I will be using these to mount on roofs on properties with established hives in an attempt to attract swarms. I will also use these as nucs to temporarily hold new, split, or “overflow” colonies if I don’t have any full-sized TBH’s ready to go.

I’m not really interested in buying my own - I would definitely look at buying a premade nuc HTBH hive.